Nikos Grey – Role Model Coaching:

All roads lead to Rome. One of the many paths towards professional and personal harmony comes through here. Using the innovative method of Role Model Coaching, which I am developing as an internationally accredited Coach – and with God's help – I can support you with consistency and measurable results to serve yourselves in addressing the matters that concern you.

What is Coaching?

Coaching is the application of the Socratic Method in a manner that allows me to serve any person or team wishing to pursue self-evolution by attaining professional or personal goals.

What is Role Model;

Role Model Coaching is a specialist method that I trust and develop. The following statement epitomizes one of its main characteristics:

"I cannot possibly know better than yourself what you need to do. However, You can happily have all the time you need to consider your matter and make up your mind".

How can this be of benefit to me?


To enhance the mindfulness of my behavior.

Self Awareness

To get more in touch with myself, improve my self-confidence and my potential.


To lead me, and the people who trust me more effectively.


To achieve harmonious interaction with myself and others.

In other words?

As a Role Model Coach, I can assist you to help yourself attain your tangible objectives.

More specifically?

The benefits of participating in the Role Model Coaching program are:

- Devise and implement actions that bring forth progress and eliminate monotony and boredom..

- To attain goals, thereby improving self-confidence and enhancing resistance to other people's criticism.

- Fear management and a better understanding of how fear helps us learn and evolve.

- Achieve self-sufficiency and contentment regardless of material possessions.

- Develop spirituality and better communication with the divine dimension of life.

- Appreciation for the present, and relinquish inelastic expectations or demands.

- Development of spirituality and feel a better contact with the Divine dimension in life.

- Find satisfactory answers to assist in the management of everyday life.

- Improve physical and emotional health.

- Improve time management, eliminate stress, and engage in worthwhile activities.

- Improve professional circumstances.

Is this the right time for me to embark on this journey?

Every answer may be a Yes or No.


  1. Can I devote around two hours a week or a fortnight to meetings with the Coach?
  2. Am I prepared to deal with difficult/painful questions to discover new ways of managing my reality?
  3. Do I feel able to change as a person and to improve my mindset?
  4. Am I willing to take action to attain my goals?
  5. Can I be a student again and have myself as a mentor?
  6. Am I prepared to accept someone mirroring my behavior back at me?
  7. Am I prepared to commit some hours every week to work on myself and deal with the issue that concerns me?
  8. Do I have a dream, or do I wish to create one for myself?
  9. Do I believe that I can benefit from my relationship with the Coach?
  10. Am I ready to communicate with God and to learn more about myself and my mission in the world?


In my experience, for the Coaching relationship to work, there need to be answered a minimum of seven (7) yes.

How much will it cost?

The cost is calculated in terms of three parameters:

      • Time: The duration of a program is directly related to the amount of time the person I serve needs to resolve the issues that concern him/her. In my experience, this is either less than a month or more than six. Each session lasts about 90'.
      • Money: Each program consists of a series of individual sessions. The number of sessions depends on the number of issues to be addressed. The cost per session depends on the structure of the program (individual/team, etc.) and is always agreed in advance. In my experience, the price of a complete program cannot be estimated in advance as there is rarely sufficient information at that stage.
      • Emotion: Each program stimulates the emotional makeup of the people participating in it. In my experience, the range of stimulation extends from crying to laughter.

Following the complimentary trial session, it will be possible to have a clear idea of the costs of your program.

What guarantee of results do I have?

Faith in ourselves and continuously striving to make our wish come true is the golden guarantee of our work together.



How can I try this?

Anyone, person or team, can book a complimentary trial session by calling 6937 988 999 or filling in the form below:

Mini Bio - What would you like to share with us?

First, I wish to dedicate my practice to God and thank Him for taking care of us and always enlightening our way. Second, I feel duty-bound to my own existence to serve each person's potential to determine their course towards life fulfillment.


My name is Nikos A. Grey (Gkrizis). I was born in Athens in 1979. Since 1992 I have been working to support myself, obtaining international certifications, and working in specialist professions that attract me due to their pertinence in life.

Since 2011 I systematically attend individual and team programs for personal development and psychotherapy (Gestalt, Systemic, Behavioral).

I have been working professionally as a Coach (ACC) accredited by the International Coaches Federation (ICF) since January 2018. In my history log, I have more than 400 hours as a Coach, 60 hours as a Coachee and numerous experiences with individuals and teams from around the world.

Finally, as a pointer to my mindset, I would like to share two quotes by Nikos Kazantzakis:

"What never happened is what I never craved enough."

“Love responsibility. Say: It is my duty, and mine alone, to save the earth. If it is not saved, then I alone am to blame.”

More information;

C: +30 6937 988 999

E: Thanks@nikosgrey.com

A: Argostoliou 22, Galatsion

Author of texts: Nikos Grey.

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